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Adding: how many month keep the log files...

kavkav123 shared this idea 9 years ago
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in Home » Server Configuration » Tweak Settings we have a feature 'Keep log files at the end of the month'. this is a good feature for keeping log files for some legal rules in some regions. for example in my region I must keep them for 3 month. But more than it, the log files not only are un-usable but also will take all of usable storage.

I want to ask add a variable under it to tell to system how many month keep the log files.

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I guess a button to remove all logs from all services on the system itself would be a good addition.



This option would be great for us.

Currently some countries (like Brazil) requires that we keep last 6 months of access log. In order to do so, we currently keep the logs for a unlimited time, but it costs a lot of disk space for each account. So if we can set the maximum number of months to keep the log it would be great.

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