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Allow 3rdParty integration into the Contact Manager

Greg shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like to see cPanel make it possible for third party developers to integrate their notifications into contact manager, allowing me to take advantage of the recent additions and improvements to the contact manager.

For example, realtime notifications of things like a successful root login from an unknown network are very important, and could be immediately sent to the notification destination of my choice if CSF & LFD were allowed to use the contact manager. Emails can be delayed or may not sync.

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I would also like to seen an API for the contact manager so that developers can use it for sending notifications and to be able to append custom Alert Types for third-party use.



Thank you for your idea and feedback.

Are you interested in both a way for 3rd party application to communicate messages to Contact Manager (via an API or something else) and for better integrability of adding more custom communication types (beyond email, etc.) to Contact Manager? What push method(s) would be applicable to have here (webhooks, sockets, etc.)? What additional services in particular are you interested in using to receive communications?


Would be great to receive load alert messages in Slack.

CSF/LDF > Contact Manager > To Slack


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