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Allow cPanel users to force webmail of their choice

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 10 years ago
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A cPanel user currently has no ability to restrict which webmail applications to make available to their mail users. For ease of support and to help small businesses standardize on a single webmail platform, the cPanel user should be able to explicitly state which webmail applications they want to use.

Due to the pluggable nature of webmail and that new applications can be added without notice, this would be a feature where cPanel users explicitly opt-in to specific webmail client(s). The cPanel user will only be presented with a list of webmail clients their cPanel account is authorized to access as the list of email clients they can opt into.

This will be an optional setting. The current behavior will remain default. This is merely for cPanel users to login and explicitly choose an option to choose that they only want to offer specific webmail applications to their webmail users. So, for example, a screen could be added as follows:

[ ] Allow all webmail apps

[X] Only allow the webmail apps below...

... [ ] Horde

... [X] Squirrelmail

(This is an example where Atmail and RoundCube are not enabled on the server, hence they are not listed).

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