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Allow disabling or customization of /scripts/find_outdated_services --always-restart during upcp

Matt G shared this idea 4 years ago
    As a cPanel administrator, I would like finer control over the upcp maintenance script that inexplicably restarts services/processes on my server that are using outdated libraries.


Resubmitting this feature request (not mine originally) due to the lost previous data. I believe this had been slated to be included in 70.x something release. Would be good to get an update.

    When a service relies upon libraries that have since been removed from the disk or updated by a package manager, cPanel's nightly maintenance forces a restart to that service, even if it's not controlled by cPanel. This has been known to cause issues with Networking being taken down, as well as other issues involving services that have no relation to cPanel's software. CDP for example, if restarted, will result in a full block scan of the disk which can degrade IO performance. Presently there is no option to disable this or modify its behaviour. Suggested possibilities to accommodate this desire: Add a tweak setting or update preferences setting to enable/disable automatic service restartsAllow users to add service/process names to a tweak setting that expands upon the constant SERVICES_TO_IGNORE defined in Cpanel::ProcessCheck::OutdatedSwitch to a white-list approach to matching services that should be restarted automatically. Ideally, only services managed by cPanel.Go back to notifying admins of outdated services, instead of restarting them automatically. This was how pre-11.66 servers handled this task.

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You're right! Closing as completed.

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