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Allow mutliple Two-Factor Authentication devices per user (WHM and cPanel)

Ryan Leadenham shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like to be able to use multiple two-factor authentication devices per user in order to facilitate multiple users as administrators for a single cPanel and/or WHM account while still using 2FA security.


Since there can be only 1 set of credentials to log into cPanel (and I believe WHM also), there should be the option of registering multiple devices (or users - however you want to look at it) for 2FA. We basically can't use 2FA because multiple people need access.

I've also replied to a feature request to have multiple logins/credentials for cPanel because that would solve this issue as well. However, I still think this feature should be there because the current username system is so ingrained in companies business processes, this will be the path of least resistance to a more secure setup.

As far as I understand this would be possible... just after a successful password verification, the user would be presented with a list of registered devices. They would chose theirs and enter the passcode.

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