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Allow password protection of individual files

Monarobase shared this idea 6 years ago
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Currently the htaccess password protection feature in cPanel only allows to password protect folders.

There are cases, like protecting wp-login.php or other files where it would be nice for beginner users to be able to protect individual files instead of only allowing to protect entire folders.

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This would be an excellent feature. I like to write about and offer assistance to those needing .htaccess This particular code is one that a person has to physically add into any htaccess. But they also need access to htpwd. It is a challenge for someone to write this out and execute it successfully. Yes, after testing most people will easily fix any issue.

And as Monarbase suggested the WP-Login\.php file is one that can be protected individually. Think of how many people using your panel, cPanel, would benifit from this.

Thanks cPanel for all,


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