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Allow Restores via Restricted Restore to Ignore Package / Account Limits

cPMatthewV shared this idea 8 years ago
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When using restricted restore our customers would like the ability to restore accounts and ignore limits that are set on the source server or backup file. Or have restricted restore ignore these limits all together without any sort of toggle.

For example if a user had previously created an addon domain, but at some point their limit was changed to 0 addon domains but the domain still exists and was not removed, when a backup is ran it will have these addon domains backed up, however they cannot restore them when restricted restore is enabled because it follows the account settings set in their user file under cpmove-user/cp/user with 0 addon domains allowed.

Our customers would either like some sort of toggle to disable restricting restores based on all limits, or perhaps toggle each limit one by one.

By design this is how restricted restore is intended to function, however some users do not want to disable restricted restore and lose the security benefits of this, but do not want to be limited by this functionality and prevented from restoring their addon domains, parked domains, mysql accounts etc if they currently / already existed because the limits were turned off or were imposed by a previous hosting provider.

They want to be able to fully restore everything and impose no limits on the account, even if set, but not have to disable restricted restore to do so.

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