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Allow running "Rearrange an Account" in SSH

morteza shared this idea 10 years ago
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I understand this is easy to do. Running the script "Rearrange an Account" in WHM can sometimes fail in moving the account completely as I mentioned here:

I think having the option to run it in SSH can prevent such issues; a few modifications would make it possible. It can get the username of the account, print its current home directory, list the options to move it to, and ask the destination home directory to move the account to, and do the rest as it does in WHM.

Thank you.

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We would really like to see this feature.

We move accounts around several times a week/day and large accounts "timeout" via the web interface.

Ideally cPanel should take care of account balancing on partitions, but failing that we could code our own util on top of the cmd line move facility.

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