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Allow server administrators to and resellers to select where -webmail redirects to

Monarobase shared this idea 8 years ago
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We would like to have a tweak setting to choose where /webmail redirects to instead of just redirecting to the server hostname.

This could either be a global setting or a per reseller setting.

The reason behind this is to allow us to have a seperate server for managing e-mail. This could be either another cPanel server configured to only manage e-mail or any other e-mail solution.

We have decided we want to seperate the e-mail from website data, and are looking for a clean way to manage this. The domain.tld/webmail link and webmail.domain.tld links are the only point we have found that block us from doing this. Our idea is to have multiple types of e-mail accounts (cPanel based, Zimbra, Outlook…) and manage them all using their API's.

This would also be usefull for resellers when you allow to install SSL on all service as they could set the /webmail link to point to theirdomain.tld:2096 instead of our server hostname as they don't necesseraly want to install an SSL cert on all of their customers websites.

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All logout redirects should be configurable by/for both reseller and root. Root should not be forced to turn off logout redirection to keep from redirecting their resold customers to any root logout redirect URL.


I voted for this as when the feature to install ssl on all services, it will be important for resellers to be able to not use the server hostname

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