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Allow Server Owners / Resellers to disable individual styles

PCZero shared this idea 6 years ago
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I want to be able to create my own custom styles then allow clients to be able to select from ONLY my custom styles. As it is now, it is an all or nothing thing. There is no way to (for example) disable the ability for a Client to select the retro style and allow him to select form any of the others.

Basically there should be an option in HOME->CPANEL->CUSTOMIZATION->CUSTOMIZE STYLE to disable each individual stye.

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While this appears to be a duplicate request from one I made well over a year ago. It really is not. The objective is as follows.

In WHM I want to enable Change Style in my feature list (i just use one)

Be able to flag the styles I do not want to be available to my users in HOME->CPANEL->CUSTOMIZATION->CUSTOMIZE STYLE a simple check box would work checked by default to enable, uncheck to disable.

The result being that when a Client goes in cPanel ->Change Style, any styles that are flagged as disabled are simply not shown as an option for the client to select.

Thsi will result in me being able to limit my clients to my custom styles.


I really like this idea! It would cause a pretty significant re-work, but I'm definitely interested in seeing some additional feedback here. I think it's well worth a look!


Benny thank you for being accepting of my input and suggestions. I am thinking (of course without any knowledge of the inner working of the code) that it may be as simple as setting as establishing a method of not displaying the unwanted styles in cPanel when the user selects change style. Technically they would all still be active and enabled, just they would not be displayed as an option for the client. Maybe as simple as have a display.txt file in the appropriate folder that has either the value 1 or 0. As the cPanel Change Style UI is being built, test for the value in that file and if it is 1 display that style otherwise do not display it.

However it can be done, only allowing my clients to use my customer styles would be a really good feature. Anyway I am headed to NOLA for about two weeks starting Wednesday with a 9-day cruise in there, so TAG you're it until I get back! :)


You're pretty much correct, based on my understanding. But building that in requires the manipulation and adjusting of a few other systems internal to the UI as well. We'll likely need to see some pretty significant support here before we are able to devote power to it, but I would love, love LOVE to see this. I'll see what I can do to get some support!

Also, have a fantastic vacation. :)

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