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Allow setting a wildcart hostname in dovecot

Monarobase shared this idea 8 years ago
In Progress


At the moment when a customer want's to setup e-mail with SSL he has to use the server hostname.

If a company of 100 employees setup their computers, iphones and laptops, it can quickly become a nightmare to move them to another serevr.

If we had a wildcard SSL cert we could supply them with an URL like :

This would allow us to easily move them to a new server without reconfiguring all of their software.

Dovecot says it supports wildcart hostnames *.name.tld so if cPanel allowed us to set this, it could make moving an account much easier…

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So you would like SNI support for Dovecot?


  1. It's also possible to use wildcards (eg. * in the host name. They should work with most clients.

I suppose it is some sort of SNI, but just have a single IP for *, not necssaraily have multiple domains sharing the same IP.


Wow, great, already in progress ? Thanks !

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