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Allow to see global Remote MySQL hosts from WHM

Marcelo Pedra shared this idea 6 years ago
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I, as a sysadmin, believe unmanaged Remote MySQL connections can pose a potential security hole, and currently there is no way to see a list nor watch creation of these permissions from WHM. So, it's a loose end that could lead to security problems.

Adding a screen to WHM with a list of enabled Remote MySQL accesses may be a good way to mitigate this. It should allow to sort the list by account/domain, owner, and by value (IP/FQDN). The last one is intended to check if there are duplicate entries across accounts.

Also, if request to allow comments in Remote MySQL UI gets through, this feature in WHM should also show the comments and allow to edit them.

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Addendum: Comments should be editable, in the same fashion as descriptions are in Greylisting UI; so users/admins can fix/update descriptions.

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