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Allow to upload more than one file/folder

Bryan Ludwig shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I would like the ability to upload one or multiple folders in the File Manager interface so that the end-user benefits from a faster upload speed than FTP.


As a cPanel user using a shared account, I would like to offer a feature suggestion for the File Manager in cPanel to allow you to upload more than one file/folder at a time instead of just one file/folder at a time. When I moved to a different host it took me a very long time uploading all of the files/folders to public_html via FTP. Where's if I had the option to select more than one file/folder via the File Manager, I would have not had all of the FTP overhead and my files/folders would have been uploaded a lot faster. This would benefit the product by offering a real FTP-like experience to the File Manager while simultaneously giving the end-user the benefit of upload speed versus that of the traditional FTP protocol.

Thanks for your time.

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