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Allow ability for trusted senders from the same domain

Bojan shared this idea 8 years ago
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Allowing sales@, support@ or any user at the same domain to be able to send but not allow it to be set to any user from another domain on the same server.

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I am unsure of what you are trying to do here. Can you explain the use case?


I believe the goal is to introduce a configuration option for Exim to restrict trusted mail users from spoofing another domain name on the server that the user may not control or own, but still preserve the authenticated sender's existing ability to send as another e-mail address at their own domain name.


  • To allow user1@domain-abc.tld to send as user2@domain-abc.tld, but not be allowed to spoof user@domain-xyz.tld, which may be owned by a different cPanel account.


  1. Related option, WHM: Home » Service Configuration » Exim Configuration Manager, Access Lists, Trusted mail users [?]
    Users on the system that may set the From: header to anything they like when "Rewrite From: header to match actual sender" is enabled.
  2. Related option, WHM: Home » Service Configuration » Exim Configuration Manager, Mail, Rewrite From: header to match actual sender [?]
    If you enabled this option, the From: header will be rewritten to be the email address of the actual message sender. If you choose the "remote" option, only messages that are being sent to remote destinations will be affected.
  3. Reference Support Request, Ticket #5852061

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