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Always show number of domains in "List Accounts"

ottdev shared this idea 7 years ago

The "List Accounts" screen only shows the number of domains when pagination is needed. i.e. when the count of domains is greater than the number chosen to view per page.

Page: First 1 2 Last All Per Page:

Showing 10 of 14 records

Page: First 1 Last All Per Page:

Showing all records

I would like to see this "Showing all records: changed to "Showing all X records"

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The code for this has been written, and will be available in v58 which will go to EDGE in the next 4-6 weeks. If you'd like you can watch the changelog for case number CPANEL-5613 to see when it's released.


I can confirm this is working. Minor, I know nut helpful. Thank you.

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