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An option to run custom npm scripts with PhusionPassanger for Next.js apps, etc.

Lauris Kuznecovs shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like more friendly node.js support so that when attempting to run apps built with Nuxt.js, Next.js, or etc, the build process is much more simple and streamlined.


Currently there is Node.js support via PhusinPassanger which is great for Node.js apps only, because it works by using app.js file as entrypoint, but when it comes to React web apps written on very popular frameworks like, Next.js and Nuxt.js then you have to run at least 2 npm/yarn scripts to have app running (build, start).

To run basic Next.js app I have to execute these commands:

npm run build
npm run start

Same case applies to CRA (Create React App), because there is also lots of stuff to build, for example with webpack.

I am really looking forward to have more friendly Node.js support even it additional plugin.

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I've also been looking for this and ended up using a not-so-elegant solution in the interim that seems to not work great with next.js's routing.

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