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An option to select cpanelpkgrestore.TMP base dir in restore settings

Yuri shared this idea 7 years ago
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This request is simple.

By default, the cPanel uses the same base dir that an a backup file or dir(if incremental) is located to put the temp content of restoration. Usually there's no problem with it, but in some situations this can cause some problems.

When you are using a remote partition for backups this can make a restoration of bigger accounts very pain. Or if your backup is located in a low free space or even a read only partition you have to move the entire backups files to another place where there more free space and call manually the restorepkg to restore the account.

To avoid these situations the best option would be if we could select the base tmp dir used during restorations in the WHM configurations or in Restore Account section. This way we will be able to select a place to cpanel put these files when the backups are stored in a non-conventional location or just speed up it putting these files in a separated disk putting less overhead in the backup partition.

This is possible, you can put an option to select the TMP dir of a restore account in next versions of WHM/cPanel?


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Indeed, I just suffer from this problem. The backup share is remote and very slow. It unpacks there which makes it even slower :[


Same problem here.

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