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API Call for Setup Nameservers

Anthony Spruce shared this idea 5 years ago
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As an Infrastructure and Services Provider, it would be of benefit to have the ability to customise the global default nameservers utilising the API Interface.

This would allow us to tailor better automation on initial server setups to ensure a smoother transition for end-users. An added benefit would be to resolve an issue which is presently causing confusion to end-users by setting the Nameservers to the default based on the PTR Nameservers where multiple Nameserver’s exist on the same Network.


In the Initial Setup, it would be good to have the ability to easily customise the originally setup Nameservers by API or similar, without utilising Configuration Cluster.

In a few examples, we have services provisioned Automatically by Automation but there's no simple way to set the Server's Default Nameservers, except for the defaults that it seems to pick up from the PTR's NS. This is useful for example, if you use a different cluster from those which the PTR is set by default, and would avoid the requirement for someone to do a direct login to the Panel to do the Setup.

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