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Apply reseller ressource limits to Account Modification ACL

Monarobase shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a root WHM user, I would like to allow resellers to modify an account with the "Account Modification" (edit-account) ACL without allowing them to override the "Maximum Allowed Disk Space" or the "Allow overselling ressource limits" settings.


Currently if you create a reseller with "Maximum allowed disk space" set to 1024 MB and don't select "Allow overselling" but do enable the "Account Modiifcation" ACL, the users are allowed to create a new account with everything set to unlimited.

If you deselect Account Modification, and select instead "Quota Modification" then the limits are applied and the unlimited disk option disappears when you create a new account or edit an existing one.

It's not obvious for a server administrator that "Account Modification" would not respect the disk limits while "Quota Modification" does. I believe both of these ACLs should respect the reseller's disk limits.

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