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Apply the pencil-feature from "Addon Domains" Document-Root-column to "Domains"

Sascha shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a cPanel user, I would like the “pencil” feature restored to the directory-patch within the Document Root Column so that the user has greater control over how they change the Document Root of multiple domains.


when a user needs to change the Document Root of multiple domains, he has two options at the moment:

1. Go to "Addon Domains" > Click on the pencil next to the addon-domains document-root > Change the directory > Done in 3 Steps (since the user remains on the same page where he can quickly click on the pencil of the next addon-domain)

2. Go to "Domains" > Click on Manage > Change directory > Click Update > Return to Domains > Done in 5 Steps

What I really like about the new "Domains" feature is the stripped view of all "real" domain, so that none of those useless mandatory additional subdomains will be displayed. I also like the feature to generate email-addresses from within the same page.

But taking away the "pencil" from the directory-patch within the Document Root column is a step back in my opinion.

Please bring the pencil back!

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