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Archiving outgoing mail

amrelsheikh shared this idea 9 years ago
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Some account owners needs to have a copy of all outgoing mails from their accounts , they need this to be forwarded to a certain E-mail , this could be happened for the incoming mails , so why we cant do this for the outgoing mails ,

BTW , we got an solution from one of your forums and it worked successfully for outgoing and incoming mails , so please take a look at this feature please



Amr Elsheikh

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For one of our customers we set up mail archiving for outgoing e-mail and then set up a cron to manually copy the archived e-mails to a normal account. This is not optimal but allows our customer to archive outgoing mail through pop3.


Yes, There should be an interface for outgoing email just like incoming mail forwarder.


Yes definitely need this. Currently we add custom rules through command line and then enable it via WHM.

But this option directly in cPanel in a way similar to fowarders will be quite useful.

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