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Documentation page for PCI Compliance Info Page Improvement Suggestions

Feature Importer shared this idea 12 years ago

As a cPanel & WHM user, I want a documentation page for PCI Compliance Info Page Improvement Suggestions, so that I can better configure my server for PCI compliance.

The PCI compliance info page is extremely limited and doesn't touch on a large number of common PCI failing points such as exim/bind/openssh past vulnerabilities with patches back ported on RHEL/CentOS though I don't expect that as it is directly OS based. Exim on the other hand is cPanel custom and patches should always be included in the RPM changelog.

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A must have!

Please cPanel, do consider and implement this in a manner we could accomplish in an easier manner.



I'm going through old feature requests, and it looks like this one might be resolved. Would you agree that this satisfies your request?

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