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Trigger /scripts (the ones not already in the APIs) via APIs

Feature Importer shared this idea 11 years ago
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As a Developer, I want to be able to Trigger /scripts (the ones not already in the APIs) via APIs, so that I can call scripts via the API.

- No this doesn't change how you use /scripts - these are effectively back-end changes that will not impact performance or usage

- /scripts is not going away

- The API calls will be restricted to a level appropriate to calling that script. For example creating an account may be okay for a reseller but restarting httpd might not be unless they had root-level access.

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I think that the API should check the user's privileges on Reseller Center for this (since resellers are indeed allowed to restart services if you gave them that privilege)

It could come in handy if you give a user a VPS without root access, but with a root-like-reseller (with all privileges)

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