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Addon domains created at account root as a folder

vincentg shared this idea 10 years ago

As a hosting admin I would prefer to have user accounts created at Root as a ID of some sort.

It would be much better if addon domains were added at the account root rather than as a sub domain.

This would require a user.

This allows one to drop domains without problems where as the current design places an addon as a sub domain of a domain and if the cleint wants to drop the main domain it can't be done,

This also solves problems with the rewrite engine as directives in the main account effect addon domains under the current design.

Going this way it also will solve moving the domain to another account.

One step solves many problems.

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I totally agree with this. I don't know why cPanel is making all subdomain and addons domain into the public_html. Each different domain and sub domain should have their own folder not accessible one from the other.


Many clients complaints recently too about the mess caused by having the files of main domain mixed up with folders of addon domains....

Really wondering how this is not solved since... this is a major not logical conception issue


Why is this still being discussed?

I thought from prior requests that reached the top most wanted this was being done.

It's not that hard to do but I hope they don't start using a database to manage this.

The account root is where all domains should be!

Under that condition there is no main domain which is what we have now.

You create a user account

Then each domain, sub domain is added to the user as sub items.

There would be no such thing as addon domain - just domains.

As for structure each domain, subdomain has it's own subfolder.

So under current design we have /home/user/www

Under proper design it would be /home/user-name/domain-name/www

Yes it's a bit of work to do this but some things can stay somewhat as is like emails and stats.

You can move them into each matching domain folder a year or two from now as upgrades.

All you need do is start first by having all new accounts restructured.

Supply a script to convert current accounts.

What's so hard about that?


This is not yet being worked on from what I have seen.

The main gist of all of these requests is to move the addon/sub domains away from being created in the path of the main domain on the panel, and creating them in parallel to the main domain. Thus you would have /home/username/domain1, /home/username/domain2, /home/username/subdomain1, etc... The public_html/www directory would then be inside of each domain directory. I have manually updated the vhosts on my server to where it is set to /home/username/public_html/(domain/subdomain) but that is not an ideal solution, but one based on easier conversion.


This adjustment is now available in Tweak Settings as of version 58, which hit the CURRENT tier today. Take a look and let me know what you think!


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