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Consistency in WHM Verbiage

Feature Importer shared this idea 10 years ago
Already Exists

As a Hosting Provider, I want consistency in WHM Verbiage, so that WHM is easier to use for new and non english users.

The verbiage in WHM especially the icons and menus is inconsistent. This should be remedied.

This is a feature that has been migrated over from the cPanel Forums. All previous comments and discussions concerning this feature can be located at:

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We've continued to improve the wording and phrasing of the product since this request was opened. Unfortunately without specifics of what needs changed, we are unable to know whether we have reached the expectation of the original requestor (the original forum thread is no longer available). Per that I am closing this request.

If someone finds inconsistencies, please open a bug with our support team.

Thank you.

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