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Disk Space Reclaim Tool

Feature Importer shared this idea 11 years ago
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As a Server Administrator, I want a Disk Space Reclaim Tool, so that I can safely and easily remove old/nonessential files.

- old log files

- cached Yum RPMs

- cpmove/cprestore files that are No longer needed

- old backups that are No longer needed (e.g. for terminated accounts)

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This could be a very useful tool. Would save a lot of time and effort!


It is a MUST! Highly appreciated...

Yes, it is a must have!

Please, you can easily do it!

So, please, do it!

What do you think cPanel? When can we get it?

Please, listen to this and related topics.

It would be very appreciated if we could select what to remove, and with one click or schedule, it is done.

Please, implement it cPanel.


Yes this tool absolutely need for maintenance on server, we have a lot of problem with server with limited SSD storage that goes down when the disk space is full. You should also think of a possibility to trigger automaticaly this action when the disk space is completly full.

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