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More robust mail troubleshooter interface

Feature Importer shared this idea 11 years ago
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As a Server Administrator, I want a more robust mail troubleshooter interface, so that I can quickly diagnose and resolve email issues.

Mail Troubleshooter Interface Expansion

1. Tracing tool should give an email address from and to and show a delivery report.

2. Should also provide this information for local deliveries as well.

3. Would like it to display common errors such as RBL rejection etc.

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cPanel must have a simulation and troubleshooter

like this:

must must have that, or cPanel Inc buy that code and integrate with cPanel (must change aspx to php)


Email troubleshooter should have:

Test email sent to any Cpanel email account on server:

DKIM - Y/N, bit length, does test email match server DKIM?

rDNS check (reverse and forward IP-Domain)

SPF record exists Y/N, SPF permissive or locked down?

RBL test button (opens new window, usually some laggy servers here)

Header report

Delivery report (550, bounce, etc)

Instructions for each item, since many cannot be changed directly through the WHM interface. What can be changed directly, should be on this screen.


Yes, that is a must.

Please cPanel, do consider and implement something like this.

Any chance we could get it any time soon? When?


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