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Software versions Page

Feature Importer shared this idea 10 years ago
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As a server Administrator, I want a Software versions Page, so that I can view the version number of every loaded software.

Basically when most people are looking for what version of something they have installed it's the applications listed on the Service Status screen or something that's in EasyApache. The Service Status page should include the full version of every loaded service.

This is a feature that has been migrated over from the cPanel Forums. All previous comments and discussions concerning this feature can be located at:

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Suggestion: for quick reference for the most import software, add Apache, PHP and MySQL versions at the top of every page alongside OS and WHM version info.


Having an option to show/display what software and version is on the server is critical to attract new customers and development ie: Apache, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, etc...


It is easy for someone to pop in the forum and say that something so obvious should have been included from the start, so I won't say that. ;) It sure would be nice to be able to go somewhere in (at least) WHM to see which version of major software is currently installed. This needs to move from a 'nice to have' to a 'must have', since so many auditing services today immediately report, for example, PHP versions out of date weeks before they are updated via the automatic update process.

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