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Suspend Account to also suspend custom DNS records

Feature Importer shared this idea 10 years ago
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As a Server Administrator, I want suspend Account to also suspend custom DNS records, so that google apps will not work when the account is suspended

It's an interesting idea but DNS zones for specific domains may not be stopped to work. The only way I can think of is to resetting the MX value but tell me if it's not that violent.

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To suspend is ok, but not to delete and recreate because it will need propagation again and in some country like mine it will take forever ...


I just agree with this if it's optional.

If it's not, I wouldn't like it at all.

Suspending DNS will force a propagation time I don't want if the client pays.


Breaking DNS and adding 48+ hours to their downtime after a suspension is a *bad* idea.

If it's that much of an issue to you, change the domain in WHM to (something).suspended which will rewrite all the entries


I wanted to do the Same. Finally, it was easy.

1. Go to your WHM/CPanel and suspend the the Account. ""

2. Just Log in into your "Super Admin Account" in "Google Aps", i.e:

"" and "SUSPEND" all the Client-User-Accounts, and

that will SUSPEND:

A) Email Service (from Google with the custom domain "")

B) Google apps will Not Work (will be SUSPENDED Temporary)

So you don't need you to delete or change CUSTOM Records for Google Accounts.

Best Regards,


I'm not saying I'm for this request, but simply changing an MX record doesn't imply 48 hours of propagation. Updating a record should generally just take, at most, the TTL of that record -- generally around an hour or two.

Long propagation times of 12-48 hours are almost entirely if you change the actual NAMESERVERS for a domain.


Suspended accounts' custom DNS records should work in a way that; if an account sustended; any incoming DNS query to custom record which is mx record in this case, it should not be responded by server and it should get timed out. By doing this, the propogation time will not be effective once the account is unsuspended because it will start responding the custom dns record queries.


This is a sensible idea as so many people are using third party mail services for etc, it makes sense to suspend the DNS zone when the account is suspended in the same way when the account is terminated, the DNS zone is terminated.

However I do see cPanels thinking which it will take longer to recover from a suspension if you have to wait for the DNS to propagate again, maybe there should be an option that allows suspend account plus DNS and suspend account and not DNS. Currently you can't suspend a DNS zone without changing the records which is a messy solution.

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