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Ability to set a debug level for cpsrvd

Feature Importer shared this idea 10 years ago
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As a Server Administrator, I want the Ability to set a debug level for cpsrvd, I can track errors from cPanel & WHM.

- Making the [an error has occurred at this directive] errors a bit more user-friendly and obviate that they are clickable via UI improvements.

- Adding a report error button that would by default report the error to cPanel Inc - but could be customized by companies like yours to allow customers to report the error to you at an address not dependent on the notification addresses set in WHM

- Creating and internally enforcing standards with regards to the formatting of entries in the error log allowing for errors to be easily grepped (e.g. timestamping all errors and providing the username of the user who experienced the error).

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Moreover CPanel::Logger has methods for info, debug, and warn but its impossible to actually set the log level to debug. This is confusing because the sub routine exists but does not log to error_log as expected. Debug logging is an important part of the software development lifecycle - to be able to include (by default) more verbose logging during development than in production.

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