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FTP service more secure by default

Feature Importer shared this idea 11 years ago

As a Server Administrator, I want the FTP service more secure by default, so that the overall security regarding the default settings for FTP is increased.

Currently the default setting for Anonymous FTP in Pure-FTPd allows anonymous logins. Changing this to disallow anonymous logins would aid in increasing initial server security.

We should disallow anonymous logins disallow anonymous uploads and disallow root logins via FTP by default.

  1. Allow Anonymous Logins = No
  2. Allow Anonymous Uploads = No
  3. Allow Logins with Root Password = No

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I can see the features on the WHM side now? But i agree all three should be no by default.


It looks like the only option that isn't currently defaulted to 'no' is logins with the root password. I'll definitely see what we can do about getting that one adjusted as well!

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