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Nameserver IP page in WHM to display inline documentation

Feature Importer shared this idea 11 years ago
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As a Server Administrator, I want the Nameserver IP page in WHM to display inline documentation, so that users have a better understanding of this feature.

I have discussed your feedback about the Nameserver IPs screen with our Product Manager and we are going to do some substantial modifications to this page to make this more user friendly. Plans include adding information explaining what these IPs represent why this information is important and what to do if the information shown doesn't seem to accurately reflect their server configuration.

We also agree the current page which is merely a table showing IP addresses is not terribly useful and this needs to be corrected.

This is a feature that has been migrated over from the cPanel Forums. All previous comments and discussions concerning this feature can be located at:

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My $0.02: Perhaps before the overhaul, some simple text could be added to the display page:

"These are the nameserver names found in local DNS records. The IP's are resolved through normal DNS operation. This report is updated daily through the cPanel update"

I'd like to clarify what I think the problem is. This is the first thing we find if we look up documentation: "Nameserver The name of the authoritative nameserver associated with your system." The most important info (if we want to emphasize clarity) is where the record comes from. This, however, implies a setting. If we go look for a nameserver setting in WHM, we quickly find one that seems to be exactly it, in Basic cPanel & WHM Setup. This clinches our perceived (incorrect) understanding.

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