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Add custom files to jailshell and not just custom mounts

Feature Importer shared this idea 10 years ago
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As a Server Administrator, I want to add custom files to jailshell and not just custom mounts, so that users can access files outside of their jailshell.

For a specific instance lynx was failing on the following error. [~]$ lynx

Lynx file /etc/lynx.lss is not available.

This is a feature that has been migrated over from the cPanel Forums. All previous comments and discussions concerning this feature can be located at:

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Specifically being able to add an rpm package to be available in jailshell would be handy.


I can see why /etc/hosts isn't in /home/virtfs/*/etc by default, but I want my users to have it. +1.


It's a very good idea, because a custom mount point can open security issues.

Create a custom mount point just for add global configuration files on /etc, like: nanorc, toprc, or another unimportant but useful configuration file it's the worst kind "work around" solution.

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