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Use Express Transfer without the suspension of sites occurring

Feature Importer shared this idea 11 years ago
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As a Server Administrator, I want to be able to use Express Transfer without the suspension of sites occurring, so that I can quickly transfer accounts without experiencing the downtime that's currently related to the Express Transfer function.

I'm aware that this can mean an increased chance for data loss. I would like to be able to select this as an option take action to manually ensure the integrity of my data and have the benefits of the Express Transfer function.

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To Moderators, this should be recategorized to a back/transfer category instead of email.


If you're not worried about the data loss then you can do a /scripts/pkgacct on the curent server, restore it to the new one, and then change the DNS ...


This makes alot of sense when transering sites that are mostly static. No need to close a wordpress site, just close comments etc. I'm going to first work out a script to mass change ttls for dns then run the express transfer the following day. A shame that we can't choose to not close sites during the transfer.

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