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Notifications when a reseller oversells past the physical disk size

Feature Importer shared this idea 11 years ago
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As a Server Administrator, I want to be notified when a reseller oversells past the physical disk size, so that I know when they have exceeded their limits.

Resellers who are on overselling allowed packages should be prevented from physically using more than their allocated disk quota and or bandwidth

Alerts should go out to resellers and to the admin when a reseller hits 80% of the physical limit in the same manner as the child clients cpanel limits functions work

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Good idea but I would suggest that the notification level is configurable as 80% seems too low for many resellers who stay pretty close to their maximum limits.


There is a secondary situation: when an account belonging to an overselling reseller exceeds the reseller's disk limit, there is no alerts being triggered actually! I found resellers where their accounts have grown within the account size limits but overpassing the reseller's limit by almost 180% and no alerts were triggered.

(Should this comment be converted into an individual feature request? Feel free to move it and let me know then.)

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