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Force a user to change the MySQL Password when changing the account password

Feature Importer shared this idea 11 years ago
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As a Server Administrator, I want to force a user to change the MySQL Password when changing the account password, so that cPanel does not lose access

Issue #1 - User can use his primary MySQL login to access all of his databases. If he does and selects this he is broke but it will force him to use database users for his scripts resulting in tighter security on their account if their site gets hacked.

Issue #2 - If a user does not select this then cPanel cannot read their MySQL account information has to provide a password to access his phpmyadmin and cannot access any of the cPanel interfaces to the databases.

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I find this functionality very interesting, especially if the password change occurs after a hack or after a change of webmaster. But there are many cases that it is not necessary to force a password change in MySQL, so I see more interesting an additional option in WHM that allows to select:

- Change only the password of cPanel

- Change password for cPanel + MySQL users

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