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Unify PCI Compliance options on one screen

Feature Importer shared this idea 11 years ago
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As a Server Administrator, I want to Unify PCI Compliance options on one screen, so that I can manage all PCI compliance options at one screen.

The PCI compliance info page is extremely limited and doesn't touch on a large number of common PCI failing points such as exim/bind/openssh past vulnerabilities with patches back ported on RHEL/CentOS though I don't expect that as it is directly OS based. Exim on the other hand is cPanel custom and patches should always be included in the RPM changelog.

The cPanel provided cgi-sys is still flagged from vulnerabilities in 2003 so it would be great to be able to disable the cgi-sys scripts on a per account basis.

I also believe there is something surrounding the default install of mailman which fails pci.

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The common mailman issue is that the mailman admin login page can be reached without SSL.


A shared server where other users use mailman cannot pass PCI compliance, as the only solutions are server wide. Request that MailMan be configurable on a site basis rather than server wide basis

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