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As Admin i want to download whole WHM Custom Configuration as backup to Restore Later on New Server

Raj Janorkar shared this idea 2 years ago
Not Planned

As a System Administrator, I would like to be able to download the whole WHM Custom Configuration I’ve made on my server so that if I want to install WHM on a new server, I can use the existing configuration to set up the new server and simplify the configuration process.


As Admin i want to download whole WHM Custom Configuration i have made on my Server.

So that if i want to install WHM on new server i can use that configuration file to setup new Server.

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I think this feature is already exist in WHM called "Cluster". You can use it to sync your setting with other servers.

(Note: I am not taking about DNS Cluster.)


I see where you're going, but that feature only syncs update configuration settings. You can read more in the documentation for the Configuration Cluster.


This is currently possible using the command line using the cpconftool, and you can duplicate configurations from one server to another using the transfer tool.

Given those two, it is unlikely that we will build a UI specifically for this use case.

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