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As an administrator I would like the means to move multiple accounts from one mount point to another in as few mouse clicks as possible

Aila shared this idea 9 years ago
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The WHM interface should have a screen allowing for "Rearrange Accounts" to be done for multiple accounts simultaneously. This interface can be similar to the Modify/Upgrade Multiple accounts screen.

Since this functionality is designed for moving accounts from one mountpoint to another, the ability to filter accounts in a list by disk space would be useful. This would allow you to move accounts consuming more than a specific threshold of disk space onto a lesser expensive or larger-capacity hard disk.

The ability to automate this via SSH would also be appreciated, but is not mandatory to the implementation of this functionality.

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I support this too, my issue was that one mount point was out of capactiy, and I mounted another disk. Problem is that I have rearrange one account at a time from WHM

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  • Rearrange an Account. Only shortcoming is you can only do this one domain at a time which is extremely slow. If you could do multiple accounts this would save a lot of time
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    I really needed this now as i have to move over 200+ accounts to a new partition


    Another vote for this. cPanel has been running for since well forever but have not added this yet? Strange.

    I hope you guys can add it. Thanks in advance.

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