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ARM Servers Support

Yuri Pugliesi shared this idea 2 years ago
Not Planned

As web-hosting provider, I would like ARM server support so that allows more server arch options.

I know it's maybe a little earlier. But since the last year, the Redhat start to supporting ARM powered servers using Cavium and Qualcomm ARMv8 tecnologies for server:

The ARM technology for servers is about new but it's already surpass much of currently x86 architeture for servers with better clock speeds with many cores and relativaly low costs.

So, once that the Linux is already ready, maybe is a good idea for cPanel to begin it's preparation to work on this arch too.

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Where is cPanel at on this? Linux has had support for ARM on a variety of Operating Systems for awhile, including RHEL and CloudLinux.


The ARM server market appears focused more on consumer applications, like the Raspberry PI and similar. cPanel & WHM is designed for multi-tenant hosting applications and automating web hosting at scale. At this time we see no data that suggests ARM CPUs are making in-roads into the hosting market or data centers. Until that changes, we will continue to focus on x86-64-based server applications.

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