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Auto page refresh after updating DNS zone in WHM (or a “back” button”)

Tim Hughes shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a WHM and cPanel user, I would like the confirmation page that is displayed after updating a DNS zone file to not only show the changes that have been made, but to also allow further editing of the zone if required. I think this would greatly improve the workflow for updating DNS and would save time by not having to navigate back and forth through menus as is the case at present.


I frequently make changes to zones in WHM (DNS Functions >Edit DNS Zone > Choose a Zone to Edit). After editing and saving a zone, we are currently presented with a confirmation page showing that “Your settings have been updated.”. However, I like to go back to see the changes and perhaps make further changes but the only way of doing this at present is by going through the menus.

What I think would be more helpful and would improve workflow is for either:

  • The page refreshes automatically showing the updated zone and an AJAX notification confirming changes have been saved (preferred option);or,
  • A “back” button on the confirmation page to go back into the updated zone file you were editing.

Thanks for considering.

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