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auto responder - allow to schedule two messages for the same user

Kalpesh shared this idea 8 years ago
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at the moment, you can create an auto responder for a user, but only schedule one message with body and start and end day/time.

allow on the same user screen, to schedule another body and start and end date/time.

this way, you can have one message run for X number of days, and then at the end of it, already have the second message start (if required).

sometimes users will have one out of office message, and then swap to another our of message after a specific date, so you can schedule at least two messages at once.

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I would like to know how frequently something like this would be used. In my opinion, this is quite the edge-case, however perhaps discussion would help me better understand the audience for such a thing.


We've had a customer requesting this only a few days ago.

Here's an example of the usage :

1) Setting up autoresponder for an employee that has his holidays split up into two periods in august (1st and 3rd week) when the techical support for his company is also on holiday

2) Setting up the whole year of holidays at once for an employee and leaving them for next year so they just have to edit the dates.

I think that each e-mail address should be able to have multiple autoresponders and that it should be possible to enable or disable them as well as delete them.


Hi. Here it is another usage example. One can have two different messages: one related to single employee vacations and the other for public holidays. So, the message 1 would be: "I will be out from xxx to yyy" and the message 2 would be: "Hi, today is Holiday; we'll be back tomorrow".

In this way, we can choose the preferred one without retyping everytime the same messages (and nobody will remember the exact previous sentence...). Thank you and best regards

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