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auto-responder tag %body%

dev66 shared this idea 10 years ago
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Further to user request here and a few around the web, the auto-responder should probably have a tag that enables the text of the original email (the bod, if you will) to be included in the reply. Currently one can only use:

%subject% - The subject of the message sent to the auto responder.

%from% -The name of the sender of the message received by the auto responder, if available.

%email% -The incoming email sender's address.

I suggest we also include:

%body% - the body text of the original email.

Makes submissions through a portal much easier. If worried about spambots using it, one can always not use it or run all incoming emails or outgoing responders through a spam filter.

Many thanks.

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While we can add this placeholder directly, I'd like to hear what other placeholders the community would like to see. Adding more than one when we sit down to do this would be reasonable.


%signature% - various uses, ability to set/change

%unique-id% - alpha-numeric ability to set/change, increments per email response


%body% is the real need. It should be implemented asap.

As for more suggestions... Multiple auto-responders to a particular sender basis the number of emails received. For example I would like send a particular kind of auto-responder if upto 3 emails come from sender within 24 hours. If more than 3 emails, then it should switch to a different auto-responder.

Also, option to forward to an email address if more than a particular number of emails come in from same sender.


And a feature to have auto-responder stop if more than a particular number of emails come from a sender within a particular span of time. Would be useful if it is playing with a sender who has auto-responder switched on.

Imagine this. I send an email to someone and switch on my autoreponder... sender receives email, switches on auto-responder as he is going on holidays, then replies to my email and leaves office. And we both have "0" set as interval.

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