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Automatically clean up older emails from CPanel

freedomizer shared this idea 8 years ago
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There is a setting in email clients to clean up emails older than X days.

There is a similar setting in WHM for "Auto Expunge Trash" (delete messages from thrash that are older than 30 days).

I would like to have a similar setting in CPanel so users that are less experienced or use several IMAP clients could set cleaning up older messages on the server side, instead of having one or more clients do the managing (also less overhead)

I see this as a disk-saving option and would use it to delete messages older than 1 year or even 5 years.

There is a nice archiving feature already but it has no option to archive to a compressed archive, messages older than 1 year, to save disk.

Even a manual CleanUp button that deletes all older mails would be helpful.

More details: clients often are not experienced enough to even manage CPanel or configure an email client and after 1-2 years they run out of space. In most cases they ask what is using disk and the anwser is old emails they do not need.

I would see this as an optional setting, not enabled by default.

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Email users should be able to configure an auto trash expunge option and an auto spam expunge option. The system administrator should be able to set a default for each of these values, e.g. 30 days. This is what email users expect these days.


this is very practical, because this prevents unnecessary emails from being stored which will occupy space in the backups

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