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AutoSSL: better renewal notification emails

galbaras shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a System Administrator/web-hosting provider, It would be helpful to have a detailed status for each domain in renewal notification emails so that it is not required to log into each individual account.

Currently, excluded domains are listed in email notifications with a "do not enter" icon, just like domains for which regeneration has failed, and there is nothing to indicate the reason for this labeling.

When managing many accounts and many domains, it's hard to remember what was excluded for which account, and to be sure, I often log in to the respective account to double check, which is a waste of valuable time.

Option 1: when a domain is excluded, also exclude it from the email, because the account owner has made a choice not to generate certificates for it.

Option 2: list the detailed status for each domain, as per the cPanel SSL/TLS page.

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