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AutoSSL: Remote DNS Challenge Validation for CDN Users

Guest shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a server administrator and domain owner using a CDN, I would like to be able to use the DNS-based Domain Control Validation (DCV) with a different DNS provider than my server


A limitation of DNS DCV is that the DNS must be hosted locally on the server. This limitation has understandable advantages, but as a result, sites that route their DNS through CDNs are put at a significant disadvantage. Essentially, there is no way to auto-renew a certificate for a website in this position.

It is easy enough to temporarily disable the CDN, manually reissue the certificate, and then re-enable the CDN, but when managing a large number of sites, the need for an expansion on the DNS validation feature becomes clear. I don't have any specific suggestions as to how the functionality could be implemented, but as CDNs are rapidly gaining in popularity, I imagine this will be a highly sought-after feature.

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