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AutoSSL support for cpcontacts / cpcalendars proxy subdomains.

Ken Swarthout shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like to see AutoSSL support added to cPanel for the cPContacts / cPCalendars proxy subdomains so that we can more securely use cPContacts and cPCalendars.


I would like to see AutoSSL support added to cPanel for the cpcontacts / cpcalendars proxy subdomains. I believe these are the last cPanel services that are not covered by the AutoSSL process.

Currently, if I enable AutoSSL and have it generate the certificates, I get one for my hostname, my domain, and the various cPanel services (webmail, cpanel, whm, etc). However, no valid certificate is created for cpcontacts and cpcalendars. For people who have HSTS enabled, this makes those services unuseable.

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This is a great idea -- also I hope the proxy subdomain can be and instead of cpcontacts and cpcalendars. The AutoSSL support is a much needed feature.


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