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avoid redundant backups to be run

David Heremans shared this idea 8 years ago


(please also refer to support ticket 5553045 for more elaboration)

When backups are being configured to run daily, weekly and monthly, and the 1st of the month happens to be the day the weekly backup also runs, it appears that the backup system is now taking 3 backups on that day one for the daily, another for the weekly and a third one for the monthly backup.

Not only are these backups entirely redundant (they would end up being exact copies of each other), it appears that this is also cause for issues we have been experiencing and which has been confirmed in ticket 5553045 (internal case number 122909)

In that ticket, it is explained that backups sometime end up in an infinite loop, keeping the process running indefinitely IF you have two backups (daily and monthly or daily and weekly, or...) run at the same day, and configured your backup system not to keep local copies of the backups one transported remotely.

This caused the process to run indefinitely, and since you check for running processes ultimately causes for a halt on any more backups (as the one process continues running, a new backup process fails to be started...)

The fix proposed by you in the ticket is that you would check for "old running processes (24+ hours), and kill them automatically when a new backup process is running. I agree that this would in fact allow us to rely more on the backup system as I know at least a new process is started every day, no matter whether yesterday's completed correctly.

However - it does not fix the very cause of the bug, namely the fact that two simultaneous processes combined with the "do not keep local backup" flag enabled causes the infinite loop, which is the source of all evil to begin with.

So, to fix this as well as bring some common business sense into the backup process, I would like to request that the logic is altered so that when a longer retention type of backup is run, the shorter one is being skipped. (if you have a monthly running on a specific day, it should no longer run the weekly or the daily one... is you have a weekly running, it should no longer run the daily).

This would end up in the SAME availability of backups (even better one, as on the first of the month, the daily backup of the 31st of previous month won't be overwritten, and you'll have one more backup "at your disposal). You would also increase efficiency and shorten the time it takes to backup.

Hoping for some much appreciated up votes on this one though!

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Wow. Has this ever been fixed?


Yup, looks like this was fixed in 11.46, but the feature request site wasn't updated to reflect that. Done!


Thank you!

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