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Backup management - Transfer of backup files to/from external storage box

Alexander Wussler shared this idea 7 years ago
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I would like to have an option to transfer created cPanel backup files. From time to time I run into the problem that after cPanel backup creation the transfer to external storage box does not work, may because of network issues.

To be now able to re-transfer the created backup file, I want to have an option to do that within WHM. Best would be you can create a new "backup management" area not only to upload to external backup storage, as well to download from external storage. Then those transferred backups would be available at Backup Restoration too.

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In the backup configuration you can type how many backups want to keep on an external SFTP server, for example 5 daily, 2 weekly etc.

But if there are 2 destination SFTP servers that have different sizes? The server Heta (see screenshot) can keep 5 daily and 2 weekly backups and its ok

But the server Storage that has less capacity can keep just 3 daily backups and then gets full so the backup fail.

There must be an option into destination section, so to be able to check how many backups you want to keep on each destination. As you can check if you want system files for example or not, on each destination, there must be option for how many copies you want to keep on each SFTP.

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