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backup progress indicator

leray shared this idea 7 years ago
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Backups may cause high server loads and in some cases take longer time than expected. In such cases, some progress indicator would be very helpful just to know what is going on and how long more it may take.

Something like "Backup in progress. 5 of 50 (accounts) completed" somewhere in the header area.

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Yes - this is a good idea - it would be nice to see something indicating progress. Or even if there was a command to use in SSH that will provide % indicator. On large server with hundreds of accounts, backups can take a long time, so it's good to see how far along it is.


I love this idea. As someone who has fairly recently been tasked with one set of backups for roughly a few hundred servers, I support this. Based on my previous experiences and familiarity with cPanel, I opted for the WHM's backup configuration. We're using incremental backups, but the initial setups and runs (still in progress) can literally take days. It'd be nice to know at the very least, exactly what OP said. Somewhere I can just check 24/50 accounts complete.

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